Christmas Blogmas, Day 1

There is a wave going through the blogs.  Blogmas.  Anyway, I will enjoy this one and no, I will not do more than 12 posts.  Here is my first. 

When we think of Christmas, we hope everyone has fond memories.  But we know some never get to celebrate what Christmas is supposed to mean.  They might live in a country that does not celebrate the birth of Christ.  They may face death for doing such.  So, to celebrate for them I think this year I will go buy a prayer ornament to hang on my tree.  That way each year, when I hang it, I will say a prayer for them and ask the Lord to give them comfort. 


Prayer Ornament
Prayer Ornament


Why do I celebrate this day?  One, it is the historical date chosen.  Two, since we do not know the exact day that Christ was born of the virgin, why not just join in and use this date?  Why do I celebrate the birth?  Because it gives me comfort and reminds me to talk with the Lord. If not for the virgin birth, then I would have no hope of eternal life.   I listen to more music during this time of year and that music is not negative to my soul.

Another reason to continue the traditions is because of my past.  This was the one time that our father did not stay harsh.  That man loved Christmas.  Not the work of decorating or cooking, but he loved the gift giving.  He would stick a tape recorder in the living room so that he could record us opening our gifts.  I don’t know if he ever listened to those tapes later, but they are proof of his enjoyment. 

Here is a song that has been ‘cleaned up’ for the modern children, but I love this original version. 

AnonymousUnknown author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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