Who is this child?

Hello, and may God bless you for checking out this blog.

I am a Christian!  I am a sinner!  I am a willful child of God!

So, why did I finally decide to blog?  Because I could not get any sleep.  Because He has been at me for several years to get my fingers busy and share what He allows to pop in my head.  I have had several times that my brain has heard or chosen to dwell on thoughts and I seek God’s communication in those thoughts.  Now I am not saying that He sits with me and answers questions like you and I would.  But He does give me hints, chastisements, even seeing words that lead me to where He wants me to go!   Am I special, my ego would say yep, my brain says nope.  But in all truthfulness God will speak to each of us if we but listen.

You might ask if I make it into a church door every time one is open.  No! Some would say that is wrong.  I say that my relationship is personal and very private with God.  I tell him everything,  I don’t do the hands grasp, head bowed, knees on the floor type praying.  I talk to God!

This blog will go where God wants it to go.  Not where I want it to go, so if you read something totally off the wall and think this girl needs help, then just pray for me.  I promise not to post anything that I have not asked the Lord to proof read for me.

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