Responding to Temptation?, post 2

While thinking on the series that is commonly called “The Temptation of Christ”, I thought about several other things to note and their correlations.  So, I wanted to break the post into two separate ones.  First post can be found here:  Thoughts on Temptation of Christ, post 1 But first let me get something off … Continue reading Responding to Temptation?, post 2

Thoughts on Temptation of Christ, post 1

Thoughts on Christ’s temptation.  First, let us understand the word “tempt”.  So few of us truly understand this word.  Since the Bible was authorized by the English, then we could use the English meaning.  It appears the word was a Middle English word from “tempten”, maybe borrowed from Old French “tempter”, coming from the Latin … Continue reading Thoughts on Temptation of Christ, post 1