I know I haven’t posted on this blog in a while.  All I can say is things in this household is moving at a rate I was not prepared for.  With the holidays over-with, I had to shut myself down.  I know that sounds like I am a robot but not, sorry.  By pushing myself this year I did things that I knew my body would reject.  Traveling for over 10 hours to visit family was one of the first things I did.  Then traveling to my son’s home for his birthday.  Now, to add, my husband has finally accepted he has to get me into a single story home.   Also, our daughter sat him down and told him she was family planning and he had about six months to get us moved closer to her.  He promised her he would be her baby’s day care.

Each of these have added a degree of discomfort for my body.  Also, during the visiting I digested foods I had no business eating.  With the rare disease I live with all the known activity I engaged in has finally put me to bed.  And we all know you can not pack a home from your bed. 

When my husband decided to call the realtor, we had worked with before, I assumed he would drag his feet to doing the chores she assigned him.  Wrong!  He has jumped in with both feet.  But today I had to call a halt to him doing ‘his chores’ to helping me.  One of the thing realtors wants you to do is ‘de-personalize’ your house.  So, all pictures have to come down.  I am on my last box for wall pictures, and have two office boxes full of bookshelf-pictures.  Then I realized the down stairs is loaded with pictures too.  So, I guest-a-mate needing 4 more office boxes. 

Then the realtor told me to get rid of the two cabinets I had in the kitchen for my ‘fancy’ dinner serving dishes.  So those had to be wrapped and boxed.  All my rarely used appliances are now boxed and stacked.  You know – the ice cream maker, the spare crockpots, the larger coffee pot.  Can you tell this girl loves her kitchen gadgets?  So, all the bending and lifting and shoving boxes that I never should have tried to move finally smacked me today.  To tell the truth I have only been at it three days. 

One of the things I have been begging for was new carpet in the three upstairs bedrooms.  For the last five years I ask when we were going to redo them.  Well, the realtor told my husband that no buyer would even consider the home with the carpets in those rooms looking like they do.  She point-blank told him that even discounting the home or giving concessions for new carpet is not the way to go.  So, after five years this home gets new carpet that I won’t even get to use myself.  Hummmm.  He has agreed to spend 5,ooo on repairs that he knew needed done years ago.  With the carpet taking 2,000 of it, and some supplies taking 200 more we will not be left with enough to put new flooring on the deck.  Also, several lights and things need repaired.  So, being the smart person I am, I have prioritized for him.  But keeping him on track and getting the home ready for the picture day has been the hardest part of all this.  I think I will need a month, but I only have a week more. 

I still try to find time, each day when I do not have any medicine in my system, to do my devotions.  It is funny how the medicine can cause so much confusion on just reading.  Since the first of December I have had to take more than I had in several years.  And they take a day or two, after I take one dose, to clear out of my system for me to think straight or to understand what I am reading.  It is for this single reason that I have not posted anything I have written.  On my ‘clear’ days I reread and wonder who wrote the words I am typing.  I jokingly said the other day that my fingers were speaking in tongues. 

Just please say a prayer for my husband and me for this journey in our lives.  Pray that I have the grace to look at some of the homes he wants to look at.  Then pray that he is understanding of my concerns on those homes being converted to accepting a wheelchair.  Then most important, pray that my body can find a way to survive all I am having to put it through and that several of my organs do not try and shut down during this stress. 


One thought on “Moving!

  1. Heavenly Father,

    Please lift up Alene and her husband during this time. Fill them with Your peace, Your grace, and Your healing. May any stress turn instead to ease and calm. May their current home be full of joy for its future occupants and their new home be full of Your love and warmth as they build new memories.

    In the blessed name of Jesus I pray.



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