More Moving Fun


I did not mean to stay away for so long.  But who wants to read posts about someone moving?  If the posts were funny, I might.  But my posts would never be funny.  At least when I would have written them.  Now?  I can find humor in some of the events that took place.  Like?  Well, I am homeless!  Not really, but I am staying with my daughter.  We are hunkered down waiting on this virus mess to just blow away. 

Let me give you a little current history.  We found a home that I had a good feeling about.  Yes, I have visited homes that would make my skin crawl in my life time.  I have been in homes that I would never live in, even some very clean ones.  To me, when looking for a new place to sleep and live I consider the initial impressions, the skin crawls, the whispers of air.  My daughter wants me to walk into any home she is interested in to see if I get any bad juju.  I have visited historical places and can get sick to my stomach just by the ‘vibe’ they put off.  But this home gave me none of that.  We put in an offer.  Offer was countered, we met in the middle.  Then when the contract was written we had a list of updates/repairs that seller needed to complete.  

We trot merrily thru the whole process.  The week of closing we go to do our final walk thru and the seller was on the property.  [note: if you are the seller, you should not be there!]  The realtor was at the property before us so she went over the list, and you know that seller only completed what he was to do in a very sloppy way and had not even done the things that secured the home from the weather.  It was supposed to have been completed the week before!  So our realtor calls us and tells us not to show up.  We were just a half mile from the home and we go park in the post office lot.  That poor woman was shaking by the time she met with us.  She was shocked, mad, and ready to do what I tell everyone I will do to them.  Yep, she was ready to bop the seller over the head with a broom.  He told her she could not come on to his property and question his work.  Ah, but he gave that right to her when he agreed to the contract of sale.  So, on Monday we were to be happy people and just be giddy over the completed work.  Now, we were having to sign a possible delay paper for our closing.  [Mind you that Friday we were closing on our old home!  We were supposed to closed on both homes.]  Then two days later we were called and told the title was not in the seller’s name for half the property. 

Ok, this seller was a profession contractor.  How do you buy a piece of property and not do your due diligence on title work?  I didn’t have to use a broom, the Lord did that for me.  Yep, the seller is so embarrassed and is willing to play nice now.  Or, we are hoping he continues to play nice.  I will continue to have conversations with my Savior over all this.  Half are about how I am angry, and the other half is over the lessons I am learning along the way. 

For a while, during this time, each Word reading was along the line that the Father will provide and He will do it in His own time.  Then for a few readings it was about “trust”.  But until I got the message right, my Word reading would give out the same message.  Isn’t it funny [great!] how,  if we pay attention there is a reappearing of the same message, but with different verses, — especially when we need a little tap on the noggin?  My latest ‘tap’ is the message that I have kind of ignored this blog.  So, I will get myself going forward and try to write more. 

One of the blessings I have been given during all this is that my body is holding up!  I managed to pack up a whole home.  There were times that I cried, refused to get out of bed, and times I crawled.  But it was finished.  Also, a blessing is that we have a child willing to let us take up a lot of space in her home.  She even let me bring my container garden and my fish [tank and all].  And the other blessing is that we have been able to stay healthy with this virus mess going around. 

It is funny how our conversations with the Father can turn into practiced prayers.  What I mean is my short snippets of conversation with Him will turn into a formal prayer.  Ha!  Like that makes a difference when we talk with Him.  The only person it makes a difference to is ourselves.  But we feel a little different when we do it.  One thing I notice when I do this is that I get easily distracted.  That is why I would rather converse with Him constantly. 

I hope you are conversing with him daily and with all this extra time we seem to have on our hands I hope you will find a few words for me.  Don’t pray for patience, but do for understanding.  Because I sure could use a lot of understanding.  There is a saying that the request for patience bring tribulations.  I think I have enough of those for a while.  [Just a bit of honest humor there.]

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