Christmas Blogmas, Day 2


Christmas music!  I love the piano and the sounds of the bluegrass instruments.  Then, how I can close my eyes and listen to the Irish style.  Most of all I love to sing them myself.  There is something about standing in a pew and just going with the music.  If I could find a church that just had congregational singing for the whole service, I would be ecstatic.  I am not talking just singing one or two of the verses in the song.  No, I like to sing the entire song, all those verses you never hear on the radio.   Don’t get me wrong, I like choirs and special music.  But it seems the churches forget about those sitting in the pews.  Even the ones that can’t carry a tune, they need to sing praises too.  Our churches today seem about dressing casual but demanding perfection out of the music team.

When you are singing praises, who is to say that the ones that think they sound wonderful in this world is making the Lord cringe.  It says in the Bible we will be singing a new song.  Here is a bit of humor, what if we all are tone deaf and when we get up there, we sound more like dogs braying.  I always wonder what we sound like to animals.  Do they wish they had cotton for their ears?

My favorites are:

‟Away in a Manger ”; ‟ O Holy Night ”;  ‟What Child is this?”;  ‟Go Tell it on the Mountain ”; and ‟C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S ” [Mother sat me down, and taught me to spell Christmas this way]


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