New Category! Help!

For some reason I love the idea of repetitiveness!  Especially when reading.  Might be because that is how I learn.  I do not memorize easily.  Songs are pretty easy, but other things are an almost impossibility.  So, when I read the Word I get caught up on repeated phrases in the chapters and books. The highlighter comes out and the ink pen starts underling single words or making margin notes with just initials.  I have a large print Bible and I can go over a page and see a note or some such marking I have done;  if it has been a while since I made the notation I sometimes can not remember why I did. 

All that to say that what I want to do is to pull, from my word program, the ones I have typed up and give them a place.  I might make a post about the words and phrases or I might just do like I have on my computer.  That is typing the verse and any other verse I find that correlates to it.  Isn’t it great how sometimes we do not need to say anything about verses?! 

I am trying to come up with a name for this category so they can be easily found.   Any suggestion would be helpful.  For things like this my brain goes into a fog, depending on the discomfort my body is going thru.  So help a girl out and give me some suggestions. 

One thought on “New Category! Help!

  1. OK, my stats page says several people have read my plea for help on the simple [ it aint a bit simple for me, lol] suggestion for a category name and no one has helped a girl out. So I think maybe I will put the posts under Enlightening Repetitions”. I even question is any one is even reading the posts to the last sentence. My prayer is some are, and the ones that need some manna will find it with my writing.


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