Seeing Series, Challenge and Resurrection,6

I want to end this series on seeing and seeking.  How?  Since this is the Resurrection season, let us look upon the crucifix. 

Here is my challenge to my readers.  For the next year, seek out and read a different verse in the Scriptures that foretells this event.  Stick to the Old Testament and make a routine of doing it weekly.  There is not one book in the Old Testament that does not cover the Messiah.  Reading these verses will help you come to a point that you will yearn to seek His face.  It will also help you to recognize the truths you hear in church.  Reading will allow you to be prepared for the evil one’s lies.  Your heart will be broken one moment, then the next breath you will be lifted up. 

This is the typical time that everyone wants to think about the Resurrection, it seems to be the only time we think about it.  But if we are seeking to know the face of our Lord and Saviour why are we just concentrating on it once a year?

Please get the picture of a cross out of your mind.  There were few ‘T’ shaped crosses truly used for crucifying .  The ‘T’ shape was a sign of fertility (among other meanings) and used to identify with a pagan god of the area you lived in.  It is a symbol of idols.  Just research pictures of pagan gods and their symbols; you will see a cross on each picture.  And mercy, don’t get me started about the bunny, another pagan symbol of fertility.  This season is not about the easter bunny, which is belief in the fertility gods and goddesses.  (Yes, look up the word origins of “easter.”)  That is celebrating “other gods before” the I AM.   No Jesus believing church should be participating in this type of activity.  Oops, I put it out there.

Note:  The tree that our Messiah hung from was just that, a tree with the branches hewn off.  His arms would have been stretched above His head and then his body stretched to its fullest and then nailed to the trunk of the tree.  Then it would have been lifted up into the hole and forcibly dropped.  That would have jolted the whole body.  That would have pulled the shoulders out of their socket.  Then picture Him trying to take a breath, waiting on the allotted exact time He was to draw his last breath.  He would have used His feet, that were nailed into position, to lift His body high enough for His lungs to fill.  But wait He did.  He did not give up until the appointed time. 

We all have heard why He did it.  But have you felt the blessing that should come to your heart and soul each time you remember the actions that day?  Do you have the comfort that should fill your mind?  Do you close your eyes and see that day?

If we are seeking His face, we should be prepared for what we will see.  Will we not see a glowing Messiah all filled with light and looking pure?  Will we see a Messiah as He left this world?  Have you even given a shred of thought about what He would look like?  We know in the Scriptures that the women at the tomb did not recognize Him.  There were disciples who walked with Him that knew Him not.  Why?  They saw Him daily; they ate with Him.  So Why?  Take a moment to read Psalms 22.

14   I am poured out like water,  and all my bones are out of joint: my heart is like wax;  it is melted in the midst of my bowels.
16   … they pierced my hands and my feet….
18   They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture.

12:10    … and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced,  and they shall mourn for him,  as one mourneth for his only son
13:6    And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands?…,

 Then one of the most precious verses is:

Luke 24:39
Behold my hands and my feet,  that it is I myself:  handle me,  and see;  for a spirit hath not flesh and bones,  as ye see me have.

 Another of my favorites is:

John 20: 29
Jesus saith unto him,  Thomas, because thou hast seen me,  thou hast believed:  hblessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

So as you seek to see things clearly, be prepared to look for honesty.  Just because we read that the women did not know Him, neither some disciples, does not mean the person they came across was not the Messiah.  The countenance of the body would have been one that was cleaned up for the burial.  The last time they looked upon His face it was battered and bruised, bloody and tattered.  Each of us has seen pictures of people that have been beaten severely and you may not have been able to tell they were who the before picture shows.  The Messiah’s beard had been pulled out, so the man they knew would now come to them beardless.  His wounds would have been cleaned and healed, but He would have been scarred.  When we see a face that has been battered  we try to remove that image from our memory.   Face it, we tend to not look directly at a person bearing scars.  We feel shame to be whole while they are baring scars.

So I leave you with this thought; that I hope I have encouraged one reader to pick up the Scriptures and seek our Lord.  Read about the Father giving His Son for our transgressions, and for our hope.  Read about our LORD providing the One Spirit to keep us encouraged and to nudge us as we should go.  Reading is seeing and seeking truth.

I hope if you have read all the posts in this series that you understand that they flowed from me as one giant post.  I tried to break them into smaller posts so that you would not have to spend hours on the same post.  They may have had some repetitiveness to them, but I could not figure out how to get the initial message across without the repetitiveness.

My prayer for this series is to encourage each person to seek our LORD in His WORD.  Praise to our Father, gladness for our salvation or our gift  if we choose to accept the wonderful gift of the LAMB’s blood.  Father, let one soul seek you out.  Let me add a prayer of thanksgiving for the original blog post that You saw fit to direct my eyes to read.


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