Seeing Series, Why Read? post 1

   My next set of posts is going to be on ‘seeing and seeking the Father ’.  I might cover seeing things in the Heavenly Father’s perspective,  striving to see His face in all we look at, and why it is important.   Understanding ‘seeing your Lord’ requires seeking.  I will be using the words over and over, so forgive the errors in grammar.  I will be asking a lot of questions and they are for you to think on.  

   Sometimes, when we least expect it, we are given inspiration in someone else’s post.  So, the next series of posts are dedicated to the blogger.  I try to read her blog every time I get a notification something has been posted.  I read all types of religious blogs – as long as they pertain to the Scriptures.  The writer (or any blog writer) and I may not have the same ideology or exact understanding.  Therefore, before I venture into reading, each evening, I ask that the Father and Spirit guide my eyes, my hearing, and my truth.  I want Him to let me see only what He wants me to see in each post.  I want Him to let me hear what He is saying to me, personally, while I read the post.  I want Him to guide my understanding of His truth while I read.  I hope each of us have this wish when we venture onto the internet.  I always say that – if satan can hide and deceive in every post, then the Father can guide me by allowing me to see the ‘falseness’ and the ‘truth.’

   Also, let me reassure you that I pray and expect Him and the Spirit to guide my fingers.  You do not know how many times that I just start typing and then review, expecting to see something; only to see that what I typed would not reflect my expectations.  I am really bad about typing the way I learned in typing class, eons ago.  We had to type from something the teacher would say aloud and not have a written thing to look at.  Sort of like dictation.  This chick cannot spell, so you can imagine what my grades were like when we were given this type of test.   But that is the method I use to write my blogs.  That being said, when I started typing it was well over three hours before my eyes and fingers gave out.  I have thousands and thousands of words, but in no easy format.  How to break them into separate posts and give each a title is a little hard at this time.  So, I will not be posting daily.

   How do I get my inspiration is from reading?  — I read and the light goes off saying, ‘this is your next post’ or just ‘store this for future study.’  Be it the Scriptures, a study Bible, the news, another post; you name it our Lord is talking to you each moment of your life.  Heck, even the evil social media has given me inspiration.  That inspiration then leads to research, which in turn leads to getting lost in the Scriptures.  [The lost I am talking about is being able to continue reading a chapter, then  going into the next chapter, and so on.  — Not being lost about understanding.]

   A person is limiting their ability to spend time with the Mighty Father if they are not open to hearing the Spirit.  Same for seeing YHWH.  If you do not know where to look, and do not yearn to see Him than you will get what you want —  the inability to see and hear Him.  The inability to spend time with Him.  Remember, we learn from both, hearing and reading, our ears and our eyes.

   If you read a passage and feel like you have no true meaning of what the passage means, don’t stop there.  Well, yes stop, but… Pray!  Sometimes I read passages and think to myself that this has nothing to do with my today, and bam!  A few days later it becomes relevant.  Sometimes, like prayer, reading is a foundation to a message that the He is not sharing with you at this particular moment.  But He is prepping your mind to receive the message or to booster you up for the ‘tomorrow,’  when you will really need that passage. 

   Reading the Scriptures is about learning, thus understanding.  It is also about seeing a possibility of what your ‘tomorrow’ might bring.  It is also about seeking a relationship with the YHWH.  Reading the WORD is for the glorification of the Father.  It is about letting the Spirit guide you.  It is about you understanding the prophecy of old and of the future.  Reading the Scriptures is your text book for how to live your life, and it is for the road map for the His return.  It is for seeing and watching.  It lets us see who and what YHWH is, it lets us see what history should teach us.  It is about watching, watching for any moment that has the ability to teach us and draw us closer to the Father.  It is also about watching the skies for the return of our Saviour.  We should see and watch with glorious anticipation for His return.  Even for His whisper of concern and love, hope and promise, and even His chastisements. 

The verses below are explanations to why we must study the word. 

James 1
22   But be ye doers of the word,  and not hearers only,  deceiving your own selves.
23   For if any be a hearer of the word,  and not a doer,  he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass:


Ⅰ Peter 2:2
  As newborn babes,  desire the sincere milk of the word,  that ye may grow thereby:


Ⅱ Peter 3:2
  That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets,  and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour:

   If each of us do not read the WORD for (or by) our self, then how can we even expect to understand it?  Yes, we might have gone to Sunday School as a child, but we did it more as a fun thing, not a true action to understanding and faith.   If we do not pick up the WORD and continually read then we are opening ourselves up to the false teachings that abound.  Then once again, we will be doing the same as each generation in the Old Testament; such as Noah’s time, Sodom, and on and on.  Will you even be able to recognize the antichrist? 

My prayer is that each of us be given a new desire to hold the Scriptures, and to be able to get lost in reading.  That we have a new desire to seek an understanding of what we are reading.


   I have a feeling my readers are going to think I should share which blog has set this brain into a frenzy.  So you can look at her blog I am sharing her site. It is called Hebrew Word Lessons,  bloggist is Sarah Fisher.


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