April and Pain


A bit of honesty here.  I will be MIA for a while.  Why?  My pain levels have sky rocketed.  Since I can not take any narcotics for it, I have to use what everyone wants to call “mindfulness”.  I read my Bible, listen to Gospel music, and try to stay out of reality.  For some reason the Lord has seen fit to let me go through this flare at the same time April is due to have her baby.

Have you heard of April the Giraffe?  Well, she is having another little one.  The Park where she lives has a live feed going.  So, I am using this a means of trying to distract myself from pain.  It helps, I will admit that.  When you are staring at a video feed that is a little grainy and you see the side of a huge animal twitch, it is mesmerizing.  Then it is total cringe worthy to watch her try to drop herself to the floor for some rest.  Just check out those skinny legs and watch her drop herself down.  I sit here and grit my teeth and sometimes I cover my eyes.  That is one scary ordeal for her.  Truth – she may not think it is scary, but I sure do.  I happen to be one of 27,000 other souls attached to a TV, tablet, or computer.  

Just in case you have not heard of this famous “April”, I am going to post a link to the Park’s site and to the live feed.  Spend some time with her and I think you will feel a reduction in your discomforts.  And I hope you can enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

Link to the You Tube live viewing is:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E5odkrfvFA

Link to the Animal Adventure  Park is :  https://theanimaladventurepark.com/

My simple prayer is that the Lord gives you comfort if you are experiencing any pain.  Lord give us comfort and thank You for letting me experience the peace I have while watching this gift of April.

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