Shared Blog Post: The Narrow Path

Sometimes I just read a blog and maybe not follow the blog as a “follower”.  Sometimes when I read the posts I will definitely pray that the Lord let me read them as He would have me read.  Knowing my mind is a road to my soul and to shaping my faith I try to be a diligent as possible.  For instant I was reading a post by an unnamed blogger and I was not feeling comfortable while reading it.  Keeping that in mind I read every little tidbit of that post.  The writer was very knowledgeable about the Bible and faith.  He or she seemed to understand the trials during the tribulation.  But I still felt uncomfortable reading and was doubling down on the, “Lord let me read this as You would have me to.”   Would you not know it the writer admitted to being Atheist!  So why am I putting this down? To let you know that I will share posts from other bloggers from time to time.  Before I share them I will ask the Lord if I should and if I get a calmness about the shareing then I will ask the writer to share their work. 

I want to share one such posts with you.  Please, please say a short prayer, before you click on the link to read, for the Lord to guide you.  There is a bit of good information in the post and for someone whom might be looking into finding a church home or even visiting churches we have to be aware that not all churches follow doctrine.   I use the terms of “church” and  “doctrine” to mean the doctrine taught by Christ and the Disciples.  Not a doctrine plastered on the wall of a church, which some might call church covenants .  Back to the post.  Some might be offended by the shared post, but if you are praying for the Lord and Spirit to guide you and provide a teaching from it, then there will be something in the post for each of us.  Also, I did want to thank the author for letting me share her work.  At the bottom of the post are her references.   Here is the link:

I do not like to  comment on other blogger’s posts when I am sharing them.   I do not want to influence you, one way or the other.  Also, I feel like I am doing a book report if I try to comment about the way I read their post.  I don’t know about you, but I hated book reports or essays about other essays. 

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