Readers Participation Needed!

We see posts all the time with verses of the day and memes with verses on reader’s blogs.  I was thinking about it, and thought that maybe we need an encouragement to study.  So this idea was born.  I hope some of my readers jump in and leave comments. 

I will post a Word or question (maybe both) and I want the readers to respond.  Here is the trick, you cannot give opinions or any comments to orate the question.  Just supply Bible verses.  That way everyone can check back in and read other’s study verses without arguments.  All you need to do is type the Book, Chapter, verses(s) and if I ask a question I will give you one word to type in front of your study verses.  Sometimes we will see the same verses used with both answers. 

Each of these posts will be called “Question for Study”.  I will leave the comments open for 2 to 3 weeks to see what we all can come up with. 

So for the first one:  This is for fun.

Thought:   We are a bunch of unhealthy humans. Is it our diet?

Question:  Should we eat liver? Type yes or no.

My personal answer will not be added.  I think most would say it is “yuk”, but I happen to like it.    But remember we cannot leave comments, nor respond to other comments.  Just dig up all the verses you can find and share them.


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