January’s Thread “Prayer” : #1, Praying for Your Wishes

Praying for Your Wishes / Got Wishes? / Got Prayer?

I was working on a post about “grace” and I was praying.  Praying for God to give me a way for the words that were running around, in a jumbled mess, in my head to make sense.  I guess you could say He answered my prayers.  He would not let my word program work properly.  I think He was telling me to not write the post yet, what do you think?  So, this morning, while I listen to the rain come down and the thunder roll, I did want to touch on Him answering our prayers.  Also, to touch on how we kind-of go overboard on the stipulations in our prayers [covenants and vows].

We are a little cocky with how we go about praying.  If we are not in a crisis, we think ahead of time about how and what we are planning on praying for.  We write scripts in our heads!  I do it, and I have never met anyone who has not.

Think about it, if you fancy you need a new car for instance, you start thinking about a car.  You do your research on what accessories you want that car to have, and then you think about your finances.  If you are short of funds for that car,  you have chosen, you might pray that God helps you find a dealership that can make it affordable.  You might ask for his guiding you to the ‘just-right’ dealer.  Then you know you will plan to tack in ‘if it is your will’ in your prayer.  You plan out that prayer like you plan out the accessories you want in the car.  You also plan out the ‘nice’ things to put in the prayer; those words that makes you (self-assurance) sure you have asked for that car in proper decorum.   [Which, I say is with “piousness.”]

When we pray for things, we might have a tendency to make sure three things are in our prayer.  One, Thanksgiving.  Two, Praise.  Three, asking for Blessings.  Ah, there is one item that we forget is given to us, if we have salvation, and that is “Blessings.”  This third thing is not something that we should be doing.  The Lord blesses us each moment in our day, why do we feel that we should ask for more.  Are we afraid that we are not worthy?  Are we afraid that He would overlook us?  Are we not sure of our salvation?

As in our example prayers from the Lord, there is no doubt that we should give Thanks!  In each and every prayer there should be thanks. There should be praise also.  But we should not forget that there should be conversation with our Lord.  My prayers will start with something like, “Well Lord, You know that…”.  Sometimes they start with “Lord, thank you for …”.   Then I just have a talk with him.  Sometimes I never use a name for Him, He knows when I am speaking to Him.  I even ask questions with assurance that I will get my answer during our prayer time.  Don’t get me wrong, I do ask for things.  Lots of things.  Like today my prayer includes that He protect our home from any trees that get uprooted in these next few days as the rain comes down.  I don’t put stipulations on my asks.  I do not pray the, “if you do this, then I will”.

The Lord is not one to take to bribes!  When I was younger in my faith, I did pray this way.  The Lord will grant you your wish; but if you put a  “I will do this”  in that request you had better be prepared to follow through.  Not just for a season, but for your life.  We read, in the Bible, of women who pray for children and will throw in that they ‘will give the child to the Lord’.  Some women follow through and were blessed; but some do not or do not wait on the Lord and then are paying a penalty for the rest of their life, and that child’s life.  [Something I challenge you to look up is ‘four generations’ in the Bible.]

A dreadful warning should be kept in each of our minds, which can be found in Judges 11 starting at verse 30.  
30)   ‟And  Jephthah vowed a vow unto the LORD and said, If thou shalt without fail …31)   Then it shall be, … shall surely be the LORD’S, and I will offer it up for a burnt-offering. …35) … for I have opened my mouth unto the LORD, and I cannot go back. …39)  And it came to pass at the end of two months, that she returned unto her father, who did with her according to his vow which he had vowed: …”

Then we like to get technical in our prayers.  We might pray for a coveted spouse.  That may not be good enough for us.  We might pray for the things we think we will need in that person.  We might think we are being ‘cute’ for asking for him to be taller than us, or with a decent job; but should we do that?  Should we limit God to whom He should send our way?  Back to that car.  Say the Lord provides it just the way we want in our mind, and then think about how unsettling that car becomes when you read about some negative aspect that has befallen the make.  Will you still be satisfied?  What is wrong with just saying  “Lord I think I want a new car, what do You think?”  How simple is that?  You let the Lord know you are sharing your desire and you are asking His opinion.

I could go on and on about this topic, but I know we have heard to “be careful what you wish for”.  Does this not apply for our prayers of petitions?

Why not just let the Lord take care of our needs first, then our wants?  We know he is all knowing, so why do we think we need to reiterate our wants to him?  Well, one, because it is said to ask and we will receive ?/!  [Take that statement as a question and then take it as a promise.]   Two, is that it gives us something to talk with the Lord about!   [Imagine you saw something that you think you want, and it was so exciting that you shared with a friend, so what is wrong with sharing with the Lord?]

The more we share with Him the more we are comforted in that the burden and excitement is carried by and with Him.  So, if you have a wish, be it a new car or a spouse, share some excitement with the Lord.  This will bring about an inner excitement to have a secret shared.  Yes, ‘secret shared’ is sharing what you would never dream of sharing with any person or feel embarrassed to do so.  How exciting is it to be able to share with someone whom you know understands you the most?  It is not just the idea of a “burden shared,” but a wish shared helps us examine that wish more closely.  Examines it in the Lord’s eye.

So, I guess I will practice my praying more and start sharing more of the things that excite me with Him.  He knows my fears.   He knows my wants.   He even knows what I have found exciting throughout my day, and He definitely knows what comforts me.  But, even with Him knowing, what is wrong with sharing these things more with Him?

Readings that I have found interesting are:  Judges 11:29 – 40  and

James 4:3 
Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.”


Matthew 21:22   

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”


For the month of January I will cover my thoughts on “prayer” and each post may be a continuation of the previous post.    My thoughts in this particular post  continued and would have made this post more of a book, so I was able to break it into two posts.  After posting it I will add a link. I will try to link each post to the other.  ”

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