Christmas Blogmas, Day 12, Good Tidings

Good Tidings to Men!

This is my last Christmas post.  I will be having company from out of town and then my children will be home.  That is all most moms want for Christmas.  We want peace in our home, in our children’s hearts, and even though we know it is impossible – we want that peace for strangers in strange lands.  We even want peace for those that hate us.  

I hope that during this season you revisit the wonder of the Birth of our Savior.  That you revisit your heart and that you seek out any hints that the Holy Spirit is pressing on you.  Keep in continual conversation with the Lord.  Keep your eyes toward the clouds.  Keep your faith and give the gift of love to some stranger.  Say a silent prayer for someone you cross paths with.  Do not let the right hand know what the left is doing for our Lord. 

May your kitchen endeavors go smoothly, and if not, then praise God for the right to burn your food.  If you have not placed an ornament on your tree for someone who can not celebrate, then please add this to your traditions.

Good Tidings to You

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