Christmas Blogmas, Day 9, A Memory

A Christmas memory.

I have so many, it is hard to pick and choose.  I will share one that is special and the memory makes me cry.  I have a son and daughter.  I love them both equally.  Even though my son has a special place that no daughter can touch.  Then again, the daughter has a special closeness that he will never be able to fill.

My son was a smart little boy.  But he went through night terrors and was a little insecure.  I was a mom that thought by two years the passie needed to be put up and away.  But by the age of three he could not give it up and I had talked with a doctor over why; she advised to find a magical way for him to accept that he was old enough.  There are two years between the two children, and when he turned two a little sister had evaded his space.  So, we decided to wait it out and see if he would give it up himself.  He loved giving his sister her passie and would even take it to be rinsed off if she dropped it.  As the time was approaching for him to turn three, I told him that he might be too big for it and to think about giving it up.  We even said that one day he would have to help us with his sister giving hers up, so he needed to let us know when it was time to not use it anymore. 

Well, he was almost three and I started talking about Jesus and how the birth was also celebrated during this time.  I even told him that passies were not around when baby Jesus was on earth.  Then I asked him if he had asked Jesus if it was time for him to give that passie up.  He came up with a plan!  This almost three-year-old had a plan.  He said that he would put it under the tree on Christmas eve, and if Jesus and Santa thought he was too big for it then that was ok. They could take it and he would be ok with it. 

That night, we put it under the tree and you know what happened.  This momma took that thing and hid it.  He got up the next morning and got his sister out of bed to see what Santa had brought.  He was good that way.  He had taught her many skills that he should not have.  But he knew he could not go to the tree until Mommy and Daddy had gotten up.  So, they spent some time looking at the tree then they came and got us up.  Momma had already been up but wisely went back to bed so they could wake us up. 

I thought by dinner time he would have mentioned that pass-ie.  It was at bed time that he said, didn’t ask, that he guessed Santa and Jesus had taken his pass-ie.  I asked him if he was ok with that and he said, ‘well you said if they thought I was a ‘big boy’ then they would let me know’.    That made my heart swell.  Now, Mommy had to sing Jesus Loves me several times, and we said the Lord’s prayer several times before he was comfortable enough to go to sleep.   

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