November 24, Luke 11:24

Luke 11:24

‟ When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out, ”

When reading this verse, each of us needs to be careful of two phrases:  gone out and cast out.”  In the above verse Christ is responding to the Pharisees saying he had used Beelzebub as a way to ‘cast out’ the demon.  Verse 14 says: “ And He was casting out a devil”.  That particular verse says that Jesus cast a devil out, not that the unclean spirit had left the body.

Also note that the “he” in this verse (24)  is referring to the “unclean spirit,” not the one that was possessed.

What about the my house whence I came out ?  The “my house” is referring to the body of the plagued one.  The unclean spirit will return to the human in which it left.  The came out is echoing the gone out .

We are not too concerned with a demonic possession in our times, but I do not doubt that they exist.  So how do we relate this verse to ourselves?  Use the phrases of gone out and cast out.” 

These phrases tell of two different methods of getting rid of something.  Let us say you have a friend that has come to stay.  You thought it would be a weekend visit but it has turned into a couple of weeks.  You have two options.  Kick them out with words or have them evicted by the law and a restraining order.  Both methods will have the same result.  They are gone for a while.  But what happens when they decide to “visit” again?

This is what our verse is talking about.  The “gone out” is a voluntary leaving that does not stop the unclean spirit from returning.  The “cast out” is a full tossing out, an expulsion.  How can we use this verse?  If we have a ‘bad habit’ that we cannot shake, we have to determine if we have used the phrases and which one.  Did we, through our Lord, evict the habit?  Are we using the Spirit to help us kick our habit?  If we have something that needs to be kicked out of our life, we have to do a process.  That process is to recognize it (conviction), pray about it, and have faith that we will drop the problem.  If you find yourself returning to the problem, then you have not used the Lord to help you “cast out” your issue.

So many times we read our Bible too fast and miss nuances such as the different terms used on the same page. 

Prayer for this reading is for us to want to slow down when we read the Bible, and let the Holy Spirit whisper the secrets that can be hidden in the written word.  And I pray that each time we read a verse, chapter, or book, we find something different that feeds us and enriches our understanding.   



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