November 21, Daniel 11:21

Daniel 11: 21

‟And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.”

What to say about this verse.  Without doing any study on the verse, I was hit with the impression of several so-called leaders of the countries in the Middle East.  This verse is not talking about the “his,” but about the one who will come out of “his” own estate.  That is his own family.  The “vile person” will take the kingdom, not by force, but by falsehoods.  There will be ones that do not abide with the “vile person” and will not recognize him as the king. 

So, continuing my thought about the leaders of some of the Middle East countries, we can see how easy this could happen, even today.  Look at the countries in Africa that the ‘leaders’ take the area by coup; those you know will rule with violence.  Then you have the ones that rule because of their blood lines.  And you have the ones that use religion as a means to rule.  When there is a violent takeover you expect to live in fear, but when it is a leader by blood or religion you expect to have a fairly quiet life.  This “vile person” took everything via peace.  No one fought him.  When you have people, who lust to be your leader, most will speak of the things you want to hear.  They will tell you how remarkable things will be under them.  They have charisma.  It is after they take their seat that their true nature comes out. 

So how do we relate this verse to our today?  First, think about how we are to be watchful for those who are false.  Even Revelation speaks about the years of peace from the deceitful one.  He will promise peace and freedoms but mid stroke he will show his true colors by doing evil in the temples.  Once again, we can take this verse as a reminder to pay attention and not be fooled by flattery and promises spoken by a man or leader.  A more honest leader, if you want to use the term “honest,” is one that does not hide his conceits.  He is a person, that you already know of his personality.  Even if he is full of himself, you should include him in your prayers. 

Something the Book of Daniel expounds upon is the fact that God has His hands on all leaders.  The Lord can cut any leader down in the blink of an eye.  There is a purpose for what our Lord does when he does not stop leaders from doing evil.  Sometimes we forget the might of the Lord.  Sometimes we forget that He lets ‘dreadful things happen’ as a chastisement.  We are on a path and that path can take on the way of a ‘road not taken;’¹  but no matter which we take, the Lord has the final destination set.  Just think, if we followed his teachings then we ourselves would not have to be burdened with these events.  But remember, the “we” is not just the ‘individual;’ it is the ‘people’ that determines the course.  Remember Sodom?  The Lord would have saved that city if just ten righteous people were within.

My prayer, for us, is that we remember our leaders, no matter their personality.  That we pray for the Lord and Spirit to guide their hands, hearts, and minds.  And I pray, for my reader, that the Lord and Spirit let the written words of this post be read  by you and absorbed as food that your soul needs.  That each reader read the words differently and as their soul’s fodder.  
¹ Robert Frost
further reading;    Isaiah 28   Revelation 2:6; 6:1,2; 6:8; 19:11;



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